Social communication groups

What we do

  • Help children develop play and social skills to better connect with peers and build meaningful relationships
  • Provide training that will generalize to home and school
  • Make play and socializing fun
  • Guide parents to facilitate play and social interactions

What we teach

  • Learning to play with peers
  • Developing creativity and imagination in play
  • Sharing taking turns and cooperating
  • Developing social language
  • Starting conversations
  • Initiating interactions
  • Responding to peers
  • Learning social rules
  • Building friendships

How we teach

Group instruction at HILS is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This method is documented to be effective in teaching any new skill or behavior, no matter the learner’s age or developmental level.

Services include:

  • Preschool, after school, and summer camp programs
  • Individual assessment of each learner’s strengths, challenges, and learning style
  • Highly effective small group instruction
  • A variety of ABA-based teaching techniques used to individualize student learning plan as needed
  • Group programs targeting pivotal behaviors
  • A variety of activities targeting verbal behavior and social skills
  • Teaching tools such as peer, adult and video modelling
  • Systematic data analyses to track learner performance
  • Intervention team includes highly qualified Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, Behaviour and Learning Consultants and Behavioural Interventionists
  • Intensive staff training, supervision, and evaluation to ensure the highest quality instruction
  • Parent training options available